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The MDG Goal 6 aims to reverse and halt the spread of HIV and the entry point of HIV response is HIV Testing and Counselling. In view of this, the National Agency for the Control of AIDS (NACA) promotes strategic HIV prevention interventions targeting most at risk populations along the travel corridor. Following a rapid assessment of the travel corridors in Nigeria by NACA, Ogun State (Sagamu) and Enugu State (Obollo-Afor) were selected for the North-South Transport Corridor Prevention Initiative (TCPI) project.

NACA mandated Excellence and Friends Management Consult (EFMC) to plan, implement, report and evaluate the project on their behalf. The project was designed to enhance provide Minimum Prevention Package (MPPI) to travelers in the North-South Transport Corridor. The project also improved access to prevention and treatment services to PLHIV and key populations. The project, was in line with the NPP 2014 – 2015, will scale up HTC services to high risk groups while emphasizing consent, confidentiality and connection to treatment (NACA, 2013a).

The Travel Corridor Prevention Initiative project targeted Long Distant Drivers ‘LDD’, Female Who Sell Sex ‘FWSS’, Injection Drug Users ‘IDU’, Men who have Sex with Men ‘MSM’, Petty Trader, Unformed Personnel, and individual who live and work along the corridor.

The project was christened ‘STOP’ Strategic Travelers’ Outreach Project and the goal was to stop all health challenges seen in these corridors

  • STIs/Infections
  • Untimely deaths from RTIs, and 
  • Other diseases


  • Over 422 drivers, hawkers, traders, Agboros, and female sex workers were trained in various health related issues, including
  • Healthy practices
  • HIV prevention, management and treatment
  • Safe driving habits and road signs
  • First aid and management of emergencies – such as accidents
  • Use of seat belts and helmets, etc.
  • The Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) provided additional trainings for drivers and Okada riders on defensive driving, good road manners and management of emergencies.
  • Brothel and non-brothel based females who sell sex, long distance truck drivers, road side hawkers, and market women were reached with services
  • Strategic HIV testing and counselling was provided to 19,275 people with all receiving their results same day at strategic locations and through shop-to-shop testing with 1.3% positivity rate.
  • Those who tested positive to HIV were referred to treatment centers.