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The AIDS Relief Interventions with System Enhancement (ARISE) Project is a sub-project of the Institute of Human Virology Nigeria (IHVN) AIDS Care and Treatment in Nigeria (ACTION) PLUS UP Project. It is an ongoing project funded by the US CDC Nigeria under the PEPFAR initiative. It started in September 30, 2012 and was scheduled to run for five years (to end by September 29, 2017). This project is being implemented in Nassarawa State and Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja. EFMC, also got funds from US CDC funded Centre for Clinical Care and Research Nigeria (CCCRN) SEEDS Project to implement ARISE project in Imo State in 2012 - 2014.

The goal of the ARISE Project is to Commonize HIV services in FCT through full integration and decentralization of comprehensive HIV services thereby making HIV services one of the core routine health services in all supported service delivery points. This is done through training and empowerement of all health care workers in HIV services  resulting in the management of HIV-infected and or affected individuals as regular patients across the length and breadth of a given facility. Through HIV commonization, all silos built by previous implementing agencies/development partners were dismantled, and request for new structures rejected.

Since inception, EFMC has provided comprehensive HIV services in the Federal Capital Territory Abuja, Nassarawa, and Imo States, Nigeria. Till date, EFMC has activated HIV services in more than 130 facilities, of which 25 provide comprehensive HIV services. Currently, EFMC supports 16 comprehensive centres and 75 PMTCT sites in two States. EFMC also has community based programs where people who live with HIV and AIDS are supported, encouraged to live normal lives, and facilitate the establishment of support groups and cooperatives. By March 2013, EFMC has provided HTC services to more than 750,000 Nigerians, PMTCT service to 150,000 pregnant women, ART to 12,000 PLHIV and various forms of support to about 4,000 Orphans and vulnerable children.

Prior to this, EFMC executed a US CDC funded comprehensive HIV/AIDS project named Reaching All with Care and Support Services in HIV/AIDS (REACH) project in Nassarawa and the FCT between 2011 and 2012 where more than 96,000 general population and 20,000 pregnant women were tested, 5,000 PLHIV placed on treatment, more than 500 infected pregnant women placed on prophylaxis, and 1500 vulnerable children supported with relevant services.

Today, the ARISE project has become the standard comprehensive HIV care from which most other partners seek guidance on tailored and innovative implementation strategies..