Excellence and Friends Management Care Centre
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Motto: Sustainable Public Health Solutions for ALL

Core Values: EFMC is on a mission to positively change lives through sustainable public health solutions for all. To achieve this, we believe in:

  1. Excellence and expertise: Whatsoever is worth doing at all, is worth doing well. We focus on things that add value to life and human resource. We embark on every endeavour with zeal and won’t stop till we have attained the very best. We believe that our reputation lies in the quality and outcome of our efforts.
  2. Innovation and creativity: We break barriers, chart new courses, do old things differently and in new environments. We believe that adding value to things comes from being unique, thinking beyond the rest and being able to do what no one has done.
  3. Continuous Improvement: Every new day brings along with it new challenges that require program-staff improvement and self-development. Through continuous improvement, we make significant difference regularly, in all our activities. At EFMC, continuous improvement is a daily occurrence and excellent delivery is our pledge because we believe we are good at what we do.
  4. Honesty and Sincerity: Honesty and earnestness are essential for sustainable and successful public health systems. That is the reason we ensure transparency and uprightness while working with our partners and clients.
  5. Respect for Culture and Differences: Diversity is a gift we have come to appreciate and respect as we work with clients from diverse cultures and tribes. EFMC sees diversity in culture, beliefs and languages as a strength rather than a weakness; hence we work to enhance the use of these diversities to move public health forward. Peoples’ sensitivities are fully appreciated and respected by our amiable team.
  6. Fear of GOD: At EFMC, God comes first and we follow. His word supersedes our words and His WILL governs our will. Therefore, wherever He leads, we go; whatever He commands, we do; what He expects, we commit to. We believe that God is the first Public Health Manager. We reverence His majesty and respect Him for who He is, what He stands for and where He is taking us to.
  7. Passion and Zeal: In life, passion and zeal are known to produce “above-expectation” results. The EFMC team is a passionate and zealous one as we all are on a mission and running a ministry. We live for what we do and do what we live for. Client satisfaction is primary to us and we do everything to make it happen. With EFMC, work is every time and every time is work.